First Impressions | Breakfast at Parker's Dubai Review

Parker’s Dubai is a wildly successful local restaurant. They have over 150k Instagram followers and multiple locations around the Middle East. They became famous after introducing their members only concept, to get in you had to have a Parker’s key, and kept people coming back by offing menu items that are inventive, trendy, and Instagrammable. This is my first impressions review of the Parker’s breakfast menu at the La Mer location.

Travel Guide | Gluten Free London Part 1

London is one of the few cities where it is effortless to find a range of GF options. I visit London often, so I have many places to share with you. This post is part 1 to my gluten-free guide to London. Part 1 lists my recommendations for breakfast spots and casual lunch/dinner options. This guide is composed of the restaurants I ate at and some places I had on my list to try but didn’t get around to plus some tips I learned during my trips. London has so many GF friendly place it’s impossible to make a complete list. I will also list some links for you to explore more options than I have listed. 

First Impressions | Tania's Teahouse Review

Tania’s Teahouse is a lovely addition to Dubai’s Instagramable cafe culture. Located in a villa in Jumeirah near the Burj al Arab, it’s a perfect place to live your best “Jumeirah Jane” life and catch up over tea. With an impressive tea list and an Instagramable aesthetic, Tania’s Teahouse capitalizes on the Instagram generation’s desire for the perfect feed. 

Dior Saddle Bag | Why I bought vintage and where I found it

Dior brought back its iconic saddle bag, and the fashion community has got nuts for it. Due to the massive blogger campaign, I’ve seen the saddle bag on many top fashion bloggers and influencers. It didn’t surprise me the bag more recently made another appearance at Paris Fashion Week for the upcoming Dior SS19 collection. Dior is letting us all know the saddle bag is here to stay (at least for a few seasons anyway). 

6 Secrets for a London Tourist

London is one of my favorite cities. I always mix up my time there between experiencing new things and going back to the places I love. This post details a list of helpful hints and underrated experiences to help anyone visiting London have a unique experience while still covering some of the typical tourist attractions.

Three Ways to Style an Ugly Dad Sneaker

Like any polarizing trend, the key to the ugly dad sneaker is to find pair YOU are crazy about. This style provokes compliments and criticism from people around, and also several little old ladies asking about arch support, so it’s important to love the ugly sneaker you pick. My pick for the ugly dad sneaker may not be yours, but hopefully, these style tips can be applied whichever ugly dad sneaker you choose.

Restaurant Favorite | Black Tap Dubai Review

Black Tap Dubai is a cool kids burger restaurant straight from the trendy streets of SOHO in New York City. Boasting multiple locations around the world, Black Tap is an international sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. You have probably seen your favorite influencer or celebrity posting a Black Tap Crazy Shake and burger on their social media, and now you can too from one of its two Dubai Locations. Black Tap is one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai that I can (and have) confidently recommend. I have never had a bad experience and I crave their turkey burger regularly. I always go to the Jumeirah Al Naseem branch, so this favorites review is based on that location. 

Hotel Review | A Luxury Stay at Keemala

Keemala is a stunning resort you have probably seen pop up on your favorite travel Instagramer’s feed. Whether you want to experience all Phuket has to offer, or you want to unplug and relax in your villa, Keemala is the perfect resort to help you curate a vacation to fit your vibe. Dedicated to ethically responsible tourism, Keemala uses eco-friendly practices and only supports non-exploitive interaction with Thailand’s wildlife. If you are a gluten-free traveler like me, Kemala is a resort you will never forget.

DIY | Hype Bags

If you have ever shopped at a Supreme store, you probably have a few stickers they have tossed in the bag as a bonus, but what do you do with them? I’ve seen people plaster stickers on laptops, water bottles, bikes, and more, but I didn’t want to put my sticker on an item with rough wear and tear or heavy daily use. 

Travel Guide | Gluten Free Amsterdam

Traveling when you eat gluten-free (GF) can be a challenge. I do a lot of research on Google and Instagram before going to any new city. This post is my gluten-free guide to Amsterdam. The guide is composed of the restaurants I ate at and some places I had on my list to try but didn’t get around to plus some tips I learned on my trip. 

Date Night | Morimoto Dubai Review

Morimoto Dubai is a truly special restaurant for me and the Dubai food scene. The food at Morimoto is incredible. I haven’t eaten anything I wouldn’t order again. The biggest problem I have when going to Morimoto is that I can't physically fit in my stomach the amount of food I want to eat.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

I am very passionate about finding effective skincare products. I am always trying out new products and looking for the next essential to add to my routine. While my daytime routine changes frequently, my nighttime routine is set. I like knowing I have products I can rely on at the end of a long day that works for my skin.