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How I Updated a Classic Plaid Shirt

How I Updated a Classic Plaid Shirt


Hi loves! The weather in Dubai is so gorgeous right now, so it’s time to bring out some of my favorite fall pieces. Plaid shirts are a classic staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. I became obsessed with plaid shirts when I discovered the brand Rails about five years ago. Their shirts’ quality and versatility inspired me to push the limits of how I styled the piece.


Here, I’m wearing a Rails plaid shirt I’ve had for several years (similar here and here). The great thing about Rails is that their pieces are timeless. I still have and wear every shirt I have bought from them over the past five years. The light blue fabric lining the the shirt adds a nice contrast when I roll up the sleeves. Having the shirt look good with the sleeves rolled up or down makes this a piece great for transitional weather.


I wanted to style the shirt in a way to make it a bit more fashion. Instead of pairing it with jeans, I went for my Alexander Wang black wrap skit (similar on sale here and here). I love that this skirt is a basic with a twist. The asymmetrical draping creates a long vertical line drawing the eye to the detailing at the top which emphasizes the smallest part of my waist and creates the illusion of a thinner silhouette.


Clean white sneakers are my favorite way to polish a casual look. The pair I’m wearing from Gucci pulls the red and white colors in my top down to my feet making the outfit cohesive. I also like this Adidas pair as a sporty option.


Finally, I finished the look with a handmade leather bag from Blue Hour London. I love buying leather bags from local businesses when I travel. I picked this up from their stall at Broadway market while I was in London last month. So many brands are global, buying from a local business is a way to find something truly unique that reminds me of my trip.

rails-plaid-shirt-sunglasses-heart graffiti.jpg

Rails Plaid Shirt (similar here and on sale here)

Alexander Wang Black Wrap Skirt (similar on sale here and here)

Gucci Sneakers (affordable sporty version here)

Blue Hour London Black Leather Ring Bag

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses (similar on sale here)


What fall/winter classic piece is a staple in your wardrobe?

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