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The Best Matcha Lattes in Dubai

The Best Matcha Lattes in Dubai

best matcha lattes in Dubai

Matcha lattes are my favorite hot drink at the moment. Matcha is one of those drinks you either love or hate. It’s a hard drink to find out if you like because soooo many places get matcha incredibly wrong. Often, you need to try the drink at a few different places to find a matcha latte done well. Lucky for you, I’ve done that hard work for you. I’ve searched Dubai for the most delicious matcha lattes, and this is my list of the best ones I keep going back to order. 

For reference, I like my matcha lattes hot, and I order them with almond milk (making this list perfect for vegans!). I don’t usually add anything additional to the drink. 

the best list

matcha latte from Hmpton’s Cafe Dubai

My #1

The Hampton’s Cafe

Menu Name: Matcha green tea latte

Price: 31.50 +6 for almond milk

Why I love it: This is my favorite matcha late in Dubai. It is smooth, there is no bitterness or grassy taste, it’s sweet but not too sweet, and they put enough foam on top that it lasts until the end of the drink if you don’t stir it in. They include a macaron in the price, and it is gluten-free. 

Instagram: @thehamptonsdubai

matcha latte at Urth Caffe Dubai

Pick Your Size

Urth Caffe

Menu Name: Japanese tea latte

Price: SM 27, M 29, L 33 +4 for almond milk

Why I love it: Urth’s matcha latte tastes fantastic, and you can pick your size. The small is a good sized portion, but occasionally I order a medium when I want to indulge. Grab some breakfast while you are here too. They have great gluten-free options. 

Instagram: @urthcaffedubai

matcha latte at Secret Garden by Leto

The Splurge

Secret Garden by L’eto

Menu Name: Emerald matcha latte

Price: 39 no additional charge for almond milk 

Why I love it: I love this matcha latte so much, but I have to admit it’s painful to spend 39 DHS on a drink of this size. Secret Garden’s matcha latte is just as good as Hamptons Cafe but with a slightly sweeter taste. The Emerald Matcha Latte is my occasional indulgence when I want a sweeter matcha latte. Justify this indulgence as “doing it for the gram” because the interiors of Secret Garden are so pretty you can take the cutest Instagram pic by the flower walls. 


matcha latte at Myocum Dubai

Best Value


Menu Name: Matcha Latte

Price: 22 no extra charge for almond mink

Why I love it: It’s a small, no frills but exceptional flavor matcha latte. They use homemade almond milk. There are many matcha lattes I have disliked in Dubai because I could taste it was a brand of almond milk I don’t like making the latte have a weird flavor. Myocum’s almond milk elevates the taste of the latte, and they don’t charge extra for it. 

Instagram: @myocum_dubai

Honorable mention

These don’t make the best list, but I wanted to include one grab and go option located in many locations for when you are busy and one option for the more adventurous matcha lovers looking to try a matcha latte with a twist. 

matcha latte at starbucks

Grab and Go


Menu Name: Matcha Latte

Price: SM 17.75, M 19.75, L 22, +5.25 for almond milk

Why it deserves mention: The tase is not the best, but Starbucks does have decent almond milk for their drinks. It is a bit bitter but adding some sugar helps. 

Instagram: @starbucksmiddleeast

*not included on map below because there are so many locations. It’s best to search on maps for the location closest to you.

matcha latte at Tania’s Teahouse Dubai

Points for Creativity

Tania’s Teahouse

Menu Name: I love you this Matcha

Price: 25 +2 for almond milk

Why it deserves mention: Tania’s Teahouse as two flavored matches. The first is the Chai Matcha flavored with paper, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The second is the Minty Matcha flavored with peppermint. I tried their regular matcha latte. It was decent, but I want to go back and explore the other two

Instagram: @taniasteahouse

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Do you like matcha? Let me know your favorite place for matcha lattes in the comments.

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