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Eating Gluten Free at Camden Market London

Eating Gluten Free at Camden Market London

Camden Market London Gluten Free

Going to a market is one of my favorite things to do in London. Markets have some of the most incredible food in the city, and they are a great place to shop local for a not-so-touristy souvenir. 

halloumi fries from camden market

I finally tried Camden Market for the first time. Many of the gluten-free bloggers based in London post about Camden Market frequently, so it has been on my radar for a while now. I had a feeling the food would be delicious, but this Camden Market surpassed my expectations. It’s a foodie’s dream!

Camden Market London boats

Camden Market has too many gluten-free options to try in one trip, so I will share what I tried and some other options I know about. 

What I ate

Steak and Chips from Stakehaus in Camden Market


STAKEhaus was first on my list of places to try after I saw them on Instagram, and they need to be first on your list too. Their food is incredible. I ordered “The Classic One” (9 GBP) with no sauce, because I wanted to taste the flavor of the steak on its own. The meat was tender and juicy. The juice from the steak seeps into the chips infusing each bite with the rich flavor of the meat. I put some mayo on the side thinking I would use it on my chips, but it wasn’t necessary. The entire dish is so delicious and indulgent it took all my will power not to lick the bowl. 

Instagram: @stakehaus

Gluten free arepa from Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen in Camden Market
plantain fries and brown sugar lemonade from arepa Venezuelan kitchen
plantain fries from Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen Camden Market

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen 

I was so excited to have an arepa, that I somehow convinced Ronnie to wait for 25 minutes in the queue with me. We shared the “Deal” (10 GBP) which includes a drink, plantain fries, and one arepa. We choose the “La Cartelua” for our arepa made of shredded chicken, melted cheese, plantain, and avocado. I have mixed feelings about this arepa. The arepa bread was one of the best I’ve ever had, but I didn’t like the fillings. The chicken has too much fat for my taste, and it could be more finely shredded. Also, there were too many fillings. With arepa bread this good, I wish the stuffing was only shredded, juicy meat with cheese or slices of avocado. I’m interested in going back to try a different meat option, but I will ask for only the meat because I want to enjoy the taste of the bread. The plantain fries wear delicious, and I enjoyed them on their own more than the plantain in the arepa. The brown sugar lemonade is a must order for the drink. 

Instagram: @arepavenezuelan

halloumi fries from Oli Baba’s Camden Market

Oli Baba’s

I love halloumi fries, and these did not disappoint! Oli Baba is the original creator of halloumi fries (6 GBP). Fresh mint, pomegranate molasses, sumac, pomegranate seeds, zaatar yogurt, and chili flakes top the halloumi fries. I ordered mine without chili flakes because I can’t take spicy food, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. I highly recommend trying these. 

Instagram: @oli_babas

Lili’s Chocolates box from Camden Market
Chocolates from Lili’s Chocolates Camden Market

Lili’s Chocolates

The beautiful aroma of chocolate drew me into Lily’s Chocolates. The sell premium, hand-made chocolates that avoid preservatives. Labels for the chocolates list allergens, and you can create-your-own selection in an eco-friendly box or bag. The boxes have the cutest illustrations on the lids. My favorite chocolates were the thin dark chocolate disks topped with different fruits and nuts. 

Instagram: @lilischocolates

other options

I have tried and tested the two options below at their other locations, but I wanted to include them in this list since they also have a spot in Camden Market. 

Honest burger London gluten free burger

Honest Burger

Honest Burger burgers are my favorite burgers in the world. They have locations all over London including one in Camden market. Picture from another location. 

Instagram: @honestburgers

Chin Chin hot chocolate

Chin Chin

Try the Instagramable hot chocolate. It’s indulgent and creamy.
Instagram: @chinchinicecream

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Reviews are written based on my experience at the time I ate at the restaurant. Remember to always check with the restaurant staff regarding current menu, timings, prices, and allergy information. They are subject to change at the restaurant’s discretion at any time, and I cannot be held responsible for their changes.


What are your favorite eats in Camden Market?

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