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Dior Saddle Bag | Why I bought vintage and where I found it

Dior brought back its iconic saddle bag, and the fashion community has got nuts for it. Due to the massive blogger campaign, I’ve seen the saddle bag on many top fashion bloggers and influencers. It didn’t surprise me the bag more recently made another appearance at Paris Fashion Week for the upcoming Dior SS19 collection. Dior is letting us all know the saddle bag is here to stay (at least for a few seasons anyway). 

Three Ways to Style an Ugly Dad Sneaker

Like any polarizing trend, the key to the ugly dad sneaker is to find pair YOU are crazy about. This style provokes compliments and criticism from people around, and also several little old ladies asking about arch support, so it’s important to love the ugly sneaker you pick. My pick for the ugly dad sneaker may not be yours, but hopefully, these style tips can be applied whichever ugly dad sneaker you choose.

DIY | Hype Bags

If you have ever shopped at a Supreme store, you probably have a few stickers they have tossed in the bag as a bonus, but what do you do with them? I’ve seen people plaster stickers on laptops, water bottles, bikes, and more, but I didn’t want to put my sticker on an item with rough wear and tear or heavy daily use.