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Review | Getting Pierced at Maria Tash Liberty London

Review | Getting Pierced at Maria Tash Liberty London

Curated ear piercings from Maria Tash Liberty London | Flower Wall

I have been diligently working on finishing my curated ears before my wedding next May. While I was in London, I went to Maria Tash Liberty London to buy earrings, particularly the hoop with chains that will replace the star stud piercing that is currently healing from my last appointment and another hoop. I got the earrings I wanted, but I also added three new piercings I didn’t originally have planned. Including these three piercings, I have 11 piercings from Maria Tash over three separate appointments in three different countries. Check out the review of my second appointment which was at Maria Tash Dubai here

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Curated ear piercings from Maria Tash Liberty London

    Walk in Piercing

Like my experience in New York, I did not have an appointment. I was there on a weekday, and I only waited about 15 minutes after purchasing my earrings to be pierced even though they were busy. I wouldn’t try a walk-in piercing around holidays or weekends though. Compared to the 45-minute wait I had in Maria Tash Dubai Mall with an appointment that I was on time for, I’ll happily take a 15-minute wait for a walk in so I don’t have to plan my day around the appointment time. 

The stylist who helped me choose my earrings was so lovely. He was incredibly well trained and experienced in how different jewelry sits on the ear. He listened to what my goals are for my curated ear and made suggestions for earrings that were better for me than what I thought I wanted. I like that instead of saying “we don’t have that” and leaving it there he offered other solutions. I walked out of there with my double lobe piercing (which I wanted previously but then decided against because I didn’t think it would work with my other piercings) because he showed me earrings that would make it cohesive with my look. 

After I paid, the stylist went over aftercare procedures. I signed the forms and waited to be called back for my piercing. 

New piercings: double lobe piercings (the two next to the triangle earring)

New piercings: double lobe piercings (the two next to the triangle earring)

New piercing: diamond baguette inside my ear

New piercing: diamond baguette inside my ear

    Piercing Process

The piercing process was similar to what I experienced in NYC, quick and efficient. My piercer marked my ears with a pen to verify I was happy with the placement of the piercings. He made adjustments until I was pleased with the placement, and answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable by making light conversation throughout the process. This appointment was the first time I was asked to lay down for the piercing. I tend to tense my body when I know the pain is about to happen, but I didn’t as much when I was laying down. He asked me to take a deep breath in and exhale as he did each pierced. 

I got a double lobe piercing very close together on one ear and a conch piercing on the other. The conch was the most painful pierce out of the three, but not the worst I’ve had. The conch piercing stopped hurting faster and has been a dream for healing compared to any other piercings I have. I think it’s something about the location. The earring doesn’t get knocked, and my hair doesn’t get caught on the back. However, the double lobe piercing did not hurt much, but it was painful for about a week and a half after. They are the only piercings I’ve had so far where my ear got an actual bruise. The bruise went away after a week, and both piercings are healing beautifully so far. Everyone’s body and pain tolerance are different, so your experience might be different from mine. 

Curated ear piercings from Maria Tash Liberty London

    Jewelry Collection 

The selection was much better this time I went. I checked out the earrings at Maria Tash Liberty London when I was there in December, but everything I wanted was sold out. I have a feeling this was due to Christmas season. I recommend the Liberty London location over the Harrods location for a more extensive selection of styles. I was able to see several earrings in person I hadn’t seen at any other store. I originally wanted a turquoise hoop for a piercing I have planned for a future appointment, but when I saw the blue diamond hoop in person, I bought that instead. I also ended up going for a different earring that I originally planned for my conch piercing when I saw how pretty the baguette was in person. 

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Drastic variation of availability of jewelry depending on the time of year but consistent, exceptional customer service

Recommended for

Ear piercing from an internationally reputable piercing studio and brand, curated ear piercing, getting pierced by a brand many celebrities have been pierced by

The Best

knowledgeable and friendly stylists who can create a curated ear

large selection of jewelry

clean and sterile piercing practices and environment

jewelry made of solid gold and real diamonds and gemstones 

exceptional customer service 

experienced piercers 

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  • If you are traveling to London, check if you are eligible for a VAT refund. You can still receive the VAT refund even if they pierce you in London. Liberty London does instant VAT refunds at customer service. Just make sure to drop off the form they give you at the airport when you leave the country. 

  • The piercing price is lower in London than Dubai, and the process is much quicker in London as well.

  • Make an appointment for busier times, like holidays and weekends, on their website. 

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+44 203 950 5227 


Liberty London

Regent St, Soho

London W1B 5AH, UK



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