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Restaurant Favorite | Society Cafe & Lounge Review

Restaurant Favorite | Society Cafe & Lounge Review

Breakfast food from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

Whenever someone asks me for a cafe suggestion in Jumeirah, Society Cafe & Lounge is the first one I give them. It is one of my favorite cafes in Dubai. They have an extensive menu, and each dish is a thoughtful addition. I have such a hard time deciding what to eat at Society Cafe & Lounge because there are so many mouthwatering gluten-free (GF) options. They cater to many different dietary restrictions, so there truly is something for everyone. 


Favorites Reviews are reserved for restaurants I’m obsessed with and can confidently recommend. Only restaurants I have visited multiple times over the span of several months can be labeled as a favorite. Consistency in quality of food, service, and experience are the main factors I look for to turn a new find into a favorite, but, of course, they have to have that something special that keeps me coming back for more. 

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Morning bowl from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

The Morning Bowl (65 DHS) is my recommendation for a healthy breakfast or lunch. It has a mixture of flavors and textures that make the dish interesting until the last bite. I order mine without poached egg, and the dressing is tasty enough I feel like I’m not missing anything. The bowl is a filling meal on its own, so I find this dish reasonably priced considering the quality of ingredients and portion size. Would order again.  

Lobster risotto from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

When I saw the Lobster Risotto with Persian Saffron (130 DHS) on the menu, for a second, I thought I was in DIFC at a fancy Italian restaurant. Society Cafe & Lounge has a range of pricing for dishes, some on par with other cafes in Jumeirah and a few that look like they belong on a fine dining menu. I wanted to test out one of the more opulent offerings, so I ordered the lobster risotto. I’m a bit torn on how I feel about it. The lobster risotto is a try-it-once dish for me because I want the full fine dining experience when I am paying so much for a risotto. That said, the risotto tastes delicious and is priced fairly for the indulgent ingredients used in the dish. The lobster is fresh, and the saffron compliments the lobster perfectly. If you are looking for a fine dining dish in a casual setting, this is perfect for you. 

Halloumi fries at Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

The Halloumi Fries (45 DHS) to share is my favorite dish I have tried so far and the only food item I have ordered multiple times. The “fries” are made of warm halloumi cheese topped with pomegranate, molasses, and a yogurt drizzle. The molasses makes the dish a bit sweeter than the typical balsamic glaze I usually see on halloumi fries. The portion is generous so bring some friends to help you devour this dish if you plan on ordering anything else. 

Coconut bircher from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

I’ll be honest; I was confused by the name of this dish. I had never heard of bircher before. The Coconut Bircher with Berries (52 DHS) is basically a fancy version of overnight muesli oats made with coconut milk. The fruit on top was fresh. I ordered mine without pineapple, and they replaced it with more berries. I would happily order the coconut bircher again, but I would have a side dish with it. I was hungry in about an hour after eating the coconut bircher for breakfast. 

Turmeric latte from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

I’m currently on an “alternative latte” kick. Turmeric and matcha lattes are my thing during winter, and Society Cafe & Lounge’s Turmeric Latte (28 DHS) with almond milk (5 DHS) is one I highly recommend. They offer coconut, almond, and lactose-free milk (5 DHS each) to make the latte dairy free. 

Campfire hot chocolate from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

The Campfire Hot Chocolate (28 DHS) made with almond milk (5 DHS) is a decadent sugar overload. It is served with handcrafted mini marshmallows on top. I recommend the hot chocolate as a replacement for dessert. Out of the drinks I tried, the hot chocolate is the only one that didn’t stand out enough to order again considering there are so many options. 

Coconut lavender lemonade from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

My favorite drink so far is the Coconut and Lavender Lemonade (25 DHS). I have ordered this drink multiple times. It has everything I look for in a mocktail. The lemonade is light, refreshing, not too sweet, and has balanced flavors. 

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Gluten-free breakfast from Society Cafe & Lounge | Dubai UAE

Society Cafe & Lounge is one of my favorite cafe’s to go to because the GF experience is nearly perfect. They mark GF on the menu, and the servers are helpful when answering questions. They checked with the chef when I asked something they didn’t know. I feel safe eating at Society Cafe & Lounge because I feel like they take serving GF seriously by training the staff about gluten. I appreciate how easy my dining experience is at Society Cafe & Lounge, and that (and the food) is why I keep going back over other cafes in Dubai.

The only thing that could improve is a small detail on the menu labeling. The “breakfast extras” and “sides” sections of the menu need allergy symbols.

I also wouldn’t mind a GF version of those stunning croissants ;) I’ve heard they are delicious!

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Halloumi Fries from Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

Society Cafe & Lounge ticks all the boxes for an aesthetically pleasing cafe. The interiors are inspired by a greenhouse, featuring luscious plants hanging from the ceiling and placed around the cafe. A large glass structure at the front of the restaurant provides a flood of light that makes me feel like I’m sitting outside even though I’m in the comfort of air conditioning. The gorgeous lighting and marble tables in the front are perfect for creating Instagram worthy foodie pics. 

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Food Flatlay at Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

Overall service is above average. The staff is friendly, helpful, and able to describe dishes and drinks when asked. They maintain a good level of service even when the restaurant is completely packed, with only a few instances of where’s-the-waiter. 

Society Cafe and Lounge | Dubai UAE

Society Cafe & Lounge is considerate of their customers. They have a sign on each table reminding you to pay the parking along with the parking area code to do so from your phone. 

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Recommended for

Gluten intolerant foodies, groups with mixed dietary requirements, breakfast or lunch with friends

Insider tip

The marble tables in the front get great lighting for your Instagram foodie snaps. 

The best

Consistent quality of food

Instagramable dishes and location

Variety of GF options

Extensive drinks menu

Creative menu offerings

Friendly service

GF halloumi fries!

Convenient parking in front

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30, 10 B Street

 Jumeirah 1, Dubai





+971 (4) 2222811

Society Cafe and Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Reviews are written based on my experience at the time I ate at the restaurant. Remember to always check with the restaurant staff regarding current menu, timings, prices, and allergy information. They are subject to change at the restaurant’s discretion at any time, and I cannot be held responsible for their changes.


What is your favorite cafe in Dubai that I should try next?

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