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Review | Getting Pierced at Maria Tash Dubai

Review | Getting Pierced at Maria Tash Dubai


Hi Loves! I have been working on the long project of finishing my curated ear piercings. When I heard Maria Tash opened their first location in Dubai, new piercings immediately went on my Christmas list. My in-laws were so sweet to give me four new piercings and earrings of my choice for Christmas.

This appointment with Maria Tash Dubai was my second appointment to work on my curated ear. I started my curated ear back in December 2017 when I got my first four piercings from Maria Tash in New York. Previous to that, I had only one lobe piercing in each ear which I had done in the mall as a kid.


Appointment Process

You can book piercing appointments from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 / 7 p.m depending on the day. I scheduled an appointment on a Thursday at 2:30 p.m. and my mother-in-law went with me. When we walked in, every sales associate was busy helping a customer. I caught the attention of one of the ladies and told her I had an appointment. She immediately checked the list and pulled one of the stylists over to assist me.

With an appointment, the stylist assigned to you helps curate the best look for your ear shape. I already had in mind which earrings I wanted, so selecting the earrings only took about five minutes. I went to Mari Tash Dubai a week before my appointment to make sure they had the earrings I wanted.

Once I selected my earrings, the stylist told me the aftercare procedures. Then, I signed the forms and paid. Next, the stylist sent the jewelry back to the piercers to be sterilized and asked us to relax in the waiting area until the piercer called me back. From here on is where the experience differs from my New York experience. From paying to finishing all four piercings in New York, the process was under half an hour. After paying for the piercings at Maria Tash Dubai, it took 45 minutes before they called me back before the piercer began plus it took about 30 minutes to do the piercings.

It seems like an appointment is only necessary if you need dedicated time with a stylist. After paying, the piercers called people back in order of who finished paying first. If you know what you want, I recommend trying walking in to purchase and get the piercing done. You will have a long wait either way.

new piercings: diamond white gold and gold butterflys

new piercings: diamond white gold and gold butterflys

new piercings: star and matte skull with diamond eyes

new piercings: star and matte skull with diamond eyes

Piercing Process

I had the pleasure of being pierced by the head piercer, Danielle. She previously worked at Maria Tash Dublin. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable. She started by marking where the piercings would be so I could check the placement. After I was happy with it, the rest was all like clockwork. She counted one, two, three, pierced with the needle, removed it, and then put in the earring. She chatted with me the entire time keeping me distracted from the pain. She also would check in with how I was feeling by asking if I was okay after each piercing. Danielle went over aftercare instructions with me after she finished, gave me her business card in case I had any questions or concerns while healing my piercing, and helped me take photos of my piercings by the Maria Tash sign on the wall.


Jewelry Collection

Maria Tash Dubai’s collection is mostly diamond pieces. They do not have many of their turquoise pieces, simple pieces without diamonds, or any of the pink diamond pieces I wanted to see. If the store does not stock the style of earring you are looking for, you can order from the website and have it shipped to you.



I would recommend as the "it place" to get pierced in Dubai


in comparison to Maria Tash New York (points off for stock variety and amount of time the whole process took)

Recommended for

Ear piercing from an internationally reputable piercing studio and brand, curated ear piercing, getting pierced by a brand many celebrities have been pierced by

The Best

Professional Staff

Clean and sterile piercing practices and environment

Luxurious piercing rooms

Diamond jewelry selection

Stylists who can create a curated ear

Jewelry made of solid gold and real diamonds and gemstones


If you are heading to London for holiday, you can get a VAT refund on Maria Tash jewelry purchased in the London stores at the airport on your way back (some nationality exclusions apply). Maria Tash Dubai can pierce with Maria Tash jewelry bought online or at any location.



+971 4 881 7885


The Dubai Mall

Fashion Avenue, 1st Floor



I would love to hear your piercing experiences.

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