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Travel Guide | Gluten Free London Part 1

London is one of the few cities where it is effortless to find a range of GF options. I visit London often, so I have many places to share with you. This post is part 1 to my gluten-free guide to London. Part 1 lists my recommendations for breakfast spots and casual lunch/dinner options. This guide is composed of the restaurants I ate at and some places I had on my list to try but didn’t get around to plus some tips I learned during my trips. London has so many GF friendly place it’s impossible to make a complete list. I will also list some links for you to explore more options than I have listed. 

6 Secrets for a London Tourist

London is one of my favorite cities. I always mix up my time there between experiencing new things and going back to the places I love. This post details a list of helpful hints and underrated experiences to help anyone visiting London have a unique experience while still covering some of the typical tourist attractions.