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How I Found my Vintage Chanel Belt

How I Found my Vintage Chanel Belt

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Hi loves! I am so excited to write this post. I finally purchased a vintage Chanel belt! I cannot fangirl over this belt enough. I knew I liked the idea of a Chanel belt, but I had no idea how much use I would get out of it until I started styling it. It looks great with everything from a silk dress to jeans and a t-shirt. I’m going to give you all my secrets about how I found mine and some tips to help you find your own.

*Prices mentioned in this post are USD

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I wanted a gold Chanel belt for about two years, but I didn’t start seriously checking the preloved websites every day until six months before I found my belt. I was looking for an adjustable gold belt with either the CC logo or “Chanel” spelled out. My budget was $500 because, at the time, I didn’t wear belts often and I wasn’t sure how many outfits the belt would compliment. I also didn’t want to be too scratched or have any of the gold plating coming off.

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I predominantly searched Poshmark, TheRealReal, and Fashionphile. It only occurred to me about two months before I found my belt that I should switch the search results to “new in” instead of “just shared” on Poshmark (“just shared” is the default sorting for Poshmark search results). Once I did this, I saw more lower-priced belts, but I noticed when I would check in the next day or two they were sold.

vintage chanel belt outfit in front of flower circle

When I finally saw my belt on Poshmark for exactly $500, I knew it was meant to be mine. You can make an offer on Poshmark for a lower price, but $500 is the minimum amount for free Poshmark authentication, so I purchased it immediately. I also had a Postmark credit of $230 from selling items so that made the belt an even better price. The belt was the style I wanted, and I hadn’t seen anything like it with the large letters for under $1200, so I quickly checked the pictures and purchased. Even though the listing said authentic and the belt looked authentic in the photos, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous it would not be genuine because the price was significantly lower than other similar belts. I was thrilled when I got the notification from Poshmark that the belt passed the authentication.

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  • Look for websites that guarantee authenticity. I have bought preowned designer items on Poshmark, TheRealReal, and Fashionphile.

  • If purchasing on Poshmark, keep in mind only items over $500 qualify for their authentication.

  • Have a budget and style in mind. There are many different variations of Chanel belts, and some are harder to find than others. Belts like mine are one of the more difficult styles to find.

  • If you have a significant difference in your hip and waist measurement like I do, go for an adjustable belt. I can wear mine on my hips, high waist, and anywhere in between. (a much better investment than my leather Gucci belt that can only fit on my hips)

  • Check your chosen sites daily. Gold Chanel belts under $800 with the cc logo or “Chanel” written sell quickly.

  • Be patient for the style you love. I had this belt in mind for about two years but didn’t start checking daily until about six months before I bought it. It was worth the wait because I love how it pairs with my outfits so much I don’t feel the need to purchase another.

  • There will be were and tear. Check all the detail pictures for scratches and wear and tear you don't mind.

  • You can find a Chanel belt faster if you are willing to pay more or if you are open to more styles. I’m not a big belt person, so I kept my budget low. If I had known how much I would use this belt, I would have upped my budget and bought it much sooner.

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  • Fashionphile (limited selection but well priced)

  • TheRealReal (unique and large selection but most are $650+ for simple styles and $800+ for belts with more detail)

  • The Luxury Closet (for Dubai based customers, very few gold chain styles)

  • What Goes Around Comes Around (incredibly high prices. You could get a new belt for their preloved prices, but I wanted to include this because they get rare styles)

  • Poshmark (only if the belt is over $500 USD. Poshmark assesses items over $500 for authenticity before sending it to you)

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