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Where to Shop Locally Made Products in Split, Croatia

Where to Shop Locally Made Products in Split, Croatia

leilou | shop local Croatian designer

This post is a list of shops I recommend for local shopping in Split, Croatia. Most of them I bought things from, but a few were stores I stumbled upon after I ran out of room in my suitcase. Either way, they are all worth checking out.

I love shopping for locally made and designed products when I travel. Shopping local is not only a way to practice conscious tourism and contribute to the local economy, but also a way to stay away from typical touristy souvenirs that are often produced in other countries. When I travel to a new place, I like to pick up at least one food, one clothing piece or accessory, and a home decor item. I look for a food item that is made exceptionally well in the country I’m visiting that it surpasses what I can get back home. I like to find a fashion item that is a style I don’t often see at home or that has elements of the local culture. I feel like fashion is a way to experience a culture just as much as tasting their food. I look for a home decor item as something to put in my house that I can look at every day to remind me of my travels. It was so easy to do this in Split that I ended up with a lot more than just one item in each category.

In my experience on my trip, I found Croatians are proud to support and sell locally made products, so it was effortless to shop and support local businesses. Many restaurants I went to only stocked wine made in Croatia, and most tables had local olive oil (which is outstanding btw) for bread. I asked many locals what I should buy while in Croatia, and they all recommended various made in Croatia products, from lavender to lace. There are also many shops on this list dedicated to selling only Croatian made or designed products from independent artists and designers.

leilou shop window | shop local Croatian designer

Lei Lou

Lei Lou is a beautiful Croatian women’s fashion brand. From luxurious lace dress to on-trend leather shoes, the craftsmanship shines in each piece. Prices are in the typical contemporary designer range, but the quality is worth it. I bought this gorgeous pink straw hat with velvet ribbon detail (pictured at the start of this post). If you are looking for Croatian designer item, this is the brand to shop.

Instagram: @leilou_by_alex


KRUG | shop local Croatian designer


KRUG brings together Croatian brands Dott., Chicks on Chic and Little Wonder under one roof. In the shop, you will find clothing, jewelry, accessories, pottery, and art made by local artists and designers. They are also committed to implementing sustainable practices from sourcing local materials, labor, and manufacturing to giving sustainability tips on the tag of the garments for sale. I bought a top for the brand Dott. and a ceramic bowl from the designer Dunja Ignis.

Instagram: @designer_store_krug


KRUG shirt by dott | shop local Croatian designer
KRUG | shop local Croatian designer

I love how the top tells me who made it and where it was made on the tag. It brings a lovely person element to the garment.

KRUG | shop local Croatian designer

The ceramic bowl features figures that remind me of 1950s synchronized swimmers.

More eco souvenir shop KRUG | shop local Croatian designer

MORE Eco Souvenir Shop

This is the spot for eco-conscious souvenirs. They have a mix of locally made products that will remind you of your trip without the typical cheesy tourist souvenir vibe. Their sign shows they are plastic-free, sustainable, and care for nature. My friend bought some adorable heart-shaped handmade soaps here.

Instagram: @more_souvenirshop

BAG&CO | shop local Croatian designer
Bag&co necklace | shop local Croatian designer
bag&co ceramic cup | shop local Croatian designer


I go on a mission every time I travel to buy a quality handbag made in the country I’m in. I came across BAG&CO when researching where to shop in Split before my trip. They have unique bags and also a mix of other locally made products. I bought a necklace made of brass and a small piece of marble from Croatia, a handmade ceramic cup, and a bowtie for a gift. I didn’t end up buying a bag because we went here toward the end of the trip and I didn’t have room in my luggage.

Instagram: @bag_and_co

Ledenko | shop local Croatian designer
Ledenko | shop local Croatian designer


Ledenko is the shop for unique handmade leather shoes. They only make one pair per design. There is something so Cinderella about finding a color combination you like in your size. I bought these colorful sandals, and I feel like they were made especially for me!

Instagram: @ledenkoshoesofficial

naturally dalmatica | shop local Croatian designer

Natura Dalmatica

This is the shop for all things food made in Croatia. They stock olive oils, lavender products, truffles, and more. I loved that they had different sizes of bottles. The small ones are perfect if you don’t have much room in your suitcase.

Trip Advisor: page

guliver | shop local Croatian designer


Guliver is the one-stop-shop for quality, affordable leather products. They have an array of shoe styles from flats to heels available in a rainbow of colors. They also have gorgeous suede bags and belts like the ones I bought. The best part is that they will fit the belt to the size you want in just a few minutes.

Instagram: @guliver1980


Tips for shopping local

  • Don’t be shy to ask if products are made in Croatia.

  • In touristy areas, double-check if the typical souvenirs are made in Croatia and not made in another country.

  • Stick to artist stalls at the markets. Many of the beach supplies and clothing are not locally made.

  • Share your finds on social media, tag the shops and artists to your posts, and review the shops on trip advisor. It helps promote their business. It also informs other travelers, who are looking to shop local, where to find shops.



What do you like to shop for when you travel? Is it important to you to find locally made products?

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